LinkedIn GhostwritingFor 6 Figure Entrepreneurs

Boost your engagements by 50% in less than 30 days.(Become the influential account in your niche)

What Makes Secret Scribez Different?

Almost every ghostwriter offers you "X number of followers in Y number of days."All this does is inflate your account with empty followers.But not us.Our focus is to build you an engaged community.

How Do We Get Results?

FirstWe'll reposition your brand to increase your profile views by 50%.
This allows us to showcase why you're different than your competitors.
SecondWe'll use our Mindful Creation System to write your content.
This avoids gimmicky & fluffy content that attracts empty followers.
ThirdWe'll use our viral comment formula.
This gets 1000's of more eyes on you by leveraging other people's posts.

What's Required From You?

You must have a minimum of 2000 followers alreadyYou need to be prepared to "ok" all content before it goes outYou have to be willing to hop on a 1 hour call every month for us to gather data for personal content

How Do We Work Together?

1 Hour Onboarding call
This will get us familiar with you and show you how our systems work.
1 Monthly Call
At the beginning of every month we'll ask you questions for stories we can use for content.
Notion System
Here is where all your content will be written & ready for review before we schedule it.
Text Access
We'll open a Telegram chat where you can message us whenever, wherever for any questions/concerns.

What People Are Saying

Aaqiel Pillay - Twitter Ghostwriter

"I've been working with Darion over the past few months.He's helped me turn followers into loyal fans and convert them into customers.With 100% confidence, I can say, if anyone is looking to build, grow, and monetize their audience on LinkedIn - Darion is your guy!"

Trisha Miltimore - Motivational Speaker + Leadership Consultant

"Darion is an amazing listener and strategic writer.
He created a powerful case study that highlighted one of my client's successes.
This is invaluable. Darion writes content that matters, including copy for my sales landing page.
I enjoyed working with such a professional!"

Why work with us?

Graeme Scott - Founder @ Culmen

Nick Miller - Content Marketer & Consultant